• Dubai Gold Souk

    Dubai Gold Souk is located in Deira’s Al Dhagaya neighbourhood. It is a place worth visiting, even if you are not interested in buying anything. If you like bargaining though, then the Gold Souk is your place to be. The Souk itself is a narrow arcade packed with more than 300 businesses that trade in gold jewelry. All the established names in gold trading, such as Damas, Joyalukkas and Dhamani are there side-by-side with hundreds of smaller stores. There is something special about Gold Souk. May be it is its unique atmosphere that makes you want to go for a non-stop shopping spree. You can literally breathe gold. It is estimated that 10 tons of gold are present in the souk at any given time.

    Strong Points
    • One of the most famous souks
    • Over 300 stores
    • Convenient location in old town
    • Opening hours: Daily from 10.00’am to 10.00’pm
    • Bargaining expected
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