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Nagano Chef: Mr. Karasawa(Red Bee Shochu [=potato liquor]) Mr. Nito(Gohei-mochi)

Red Bee Shochu Gohei-mochi
Red Bee Shochu
1) Find a beehive.
2) Put bees in a trans by smoking them.
3) Collect the adult bees live.
4) Put the adult bees (live) into shochu (potato liquor) and soak for several months to several years.
1) Mix sugar, miso, ground sesame, mirin and walnuts (or peanuts)
2) Heat at low temperature until the mixture reaches a thick paste-like texture.
3) Spread this mixture onto a ball of rice or rice on a stick and heat over the fire.

Red Bee Shochu
This is highly dangerous! Being stung by one of these bees can put you in the hospital and in serious cases can cause death. Locals who are very experienced take on the challenge because the liquor created has medicinal properties. The extract from the bees (only when they go in live) is said to make you strong and healthy.

Apparently this dish can be found all over Japan but is particularly well known in Nagano Prefecture.

How was it?
Red Bee Shochu
It tasted like bugs in liquor. My body did however feel quite healthy the next day.

MMNnhh.... mmmmm! I have a soft spot for sesame and miso and the combination with nuts and rice, cooked over a fire. This is in my top-ten.

Nagano Prefecture is a landlocked prefecture. In addition to eating baby bees, culture in Nagano has a long history with bees that other prefectures do not.

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